Made in Belgium

Spicing it up: Saveurs et Savoirs

Photography Pauline Miko

Mustapha Samih (32) is a true spice passionate fascinated as he is by its history and the humongous plethora of seasonings available around the world. With the opening of Saveurs et Savoirs, his grocery store entirely dedicated to bringing some flavour to people’s dining rooms, Mustapha brings a vast selection of rare and exotic but also classic spices to Brussels, letting his clientele choose between 50 different kinds of pepper, for example. Saveurs et Savoirs’ heart is the space’s dominating counter, an interactive addition to the overall experience which gives clients the opportunity to read up about the history of spices as well as smell and taste the countless flavours available, making their visit a truly sensorial experience. Touchingly, spice blends are freshly prepared in front of the client, in the artisan way, with mortar and pestle on hand. Think of Saveurs et Savoirs as a place of discovery which invites the customer to dive into the vast universe of different aromas, spices and flavours. A one-stop-shop window to the world.

Saveurs et Savoirs opens shop in December.

Photography Pauline Miko

Saveurs et Savoirs, Rue de Flandre 118 Vlaamsesteenweg, 1000 Brussels